Rata, led by Artistic Director Holly Mathieson, is a UK-based music collective, exploring the work of NZ composers and performers, and providing a platform for UK and European performances of their work.

Rata launched in Berlin as the Horizont Musik-Kollektiv, with a debut performance at the Piano Salon Christophori in 2015. Following the migration of its founder, it has now set up home in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Rata takes its name from a distinctive NZ native tree, the most common (Northern) species of which starts life as an epiphyte, or passenger, perched on an established tree. Without taking sustenance from its host, the tiny Rata eventually reaches down and takes root, merging with the host and gaining incredible height and girth.

The ensemble's genesis and mission echoes this non-threatening sharing of resources. It provides a European landing-base for musicians from NZ and the Pacific, allowing them to collaborate with colleagues in one of the world's great musical centres, and helping their international careers to take root and mature.

The lovely people at Boosted and the NZ Arts Foundation played an enormous part in helping Rata take flight by hosting the project (under the name Horizont Musik-Kollektiv) on their crowdfunding platform, Boosted, throughout April and May, 2013. 

​60 generous music-lovers donated to Horizont, in a campaign that exceeded its funding goal. Our enormous thanks for the generosity and support of the following: Xenia Pestova, Sarah Walmsley, Fritha Jameson, Katie Waite, Stacey Dixon, Lachlan McKenzie, Anonymous, Reuben Jelleyman, Vicky Shilling, Heidi McLeod, Ann Mallinson, Simon Eastwood, Angela Busby, Judith Geare, Rosemary Anthony, Stefano Guidi, Anna Leese, Anonymous, Samantha Reagan, Michael Hodder, Eveline Harvey, Richard Holland, Anonymous, Simon Bowden, Anonymous, Lauren Perez, Simon Holloway, Anonymous, John Enlow, Andrew Crooks, Bettina Senff, Holly Mathieson, Louise Lawrence, Anonymous, Jannah Carlos Torr, Ewan Clark, Don MacKinlay, Leonie Wise, Elizabeth Kerr, Daniel Belton and Good Company, Irving Dekterev, James Montgomery, Anonymous, Michael Lett, Lloyd Williams, Trevor Scott, Tana Wuliji, Bryna O'Brien, Anonymous, Jenny Kempton, Tecwyn Evans, Gillian Whitehead, Tony and Judy Banks, Mike Crowl, Jennifer Banks, Antonia Barnett-McIntosh, Claudia Heydolph, Simone Roggen, Rachel Gillett, Joanne Roughton-Arnold